I believe this program provides an experience in the classroom and in the camp setting that can catalyze transformation, foster full self-expression, and generate a true sense of community that will profoundly impact the lives of young people.

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As a past Curriculum Leader for the TDSB, current dance teacher with Arts Mackenzie (Performing Arts High School) and a writer for the Ministry of Education, Carly has expertise in bringing forth both the Ontario Curriculum and the PYP  (IB) curriculum to the classroom. Carly designs an equitable, engaging theatre experience where each child gets their turn to shine in the spotlight.



Silver Canvas will provide participants with a fun, highly engaging and supportive theatre experience. They will receive expert instruction from professional artists from the community in the area of singing, dancing, acting and producing a show. Our Mission is to bring a professional artist experience to our performers by building skills through various rehearsal techniques, life skills and theatre/dance training. At the end of the program a show will be presented to the parent community. Join us this summer for camp. Click here

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Carly brings her expertise in all areas of theatre production. Clients work with Carly on monologue, scene study or dance coaching as well as choreographing and directing of full staged productions. She works one on one with her clients to achieve all their individual goals for auditions or to grow as a performer.

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Silver Canvas Productions was a program that provided my daughter with such a positive experience. When she entered the program she was very insecure and had many confidence issues. She was cast as one of the leads and this changed how her peer group saw her. She was smiling more and was enjoying school again. Her grades in math and English also improved because of her new found confidence that this program provided. Silver Canvas not only helps the students with their emotional well being but also gives them a taste of being an artist. This program is different from the others because it brings professional artists from the community into the classroom. The experience becomes very detailed and in a short time, the students meet their greatest potential. I think all schools should benefit from this integral program.

Mrs. R. BrownParent at TDSB

Carly Cohen is a consummate teacher. Holding high expectations for herself and her students, she invites them, in her gentle way, to challenge themselves and produce creative work. She also values collaborative, artistic processes and easily creates a community of learners. Her love of theatre, music and dance is infectious. I have never seen anything like it"

Dr. Kathleen GallagherProfessor of Education and Theatre, University of Toronto

There are not enough words to tell you how special you are! Your talent, your vision, your focus, your heart… your temperament, your patience, your smile; yours is a package that is ongoing and endless. It has been, yet again, an incredible experience to work with both you and Meg. I, for one, have reserved a very special place in my heart for you.

Karen SeltzerParent participant in adult group